Lodge Officers and Advisers

Lodge ChiefCaper Steen
Lodge Adviser Louis Pesce
Lodge Staff Adviser Cindy Mcleroy
Past ChiefAustin Clark
Vice Chief of AdministrationJohn Malneritch
Administration Adviser
Vice Chief of CeremoniesJacob Stout
Ceremonies AdviserChris Dunn
SecretaryNicky Akin
Communications AdviserRay Willcocks
Website AdviserNathan Loughner
Finance AdviserSamuel Strawbridge

Coweta Chapter

Chapter ChiefJoseph Ashley
Chapter AdviserEric Stout
Chapter Vice Chief of AdministrationBrian Bales
Chapter Vice Chief of CeremoniesEvan Goembel
Chapter SecretaryJoshua Brandon
Chapter TreasurerRadford Wyrick

Echota Chapter

Chapter ChiefAlexander Ayers
Chapter AdviserBob Sharp
Chapter Vice Chief of AdministrationJeremy Stevens
Chapter Vice Chief of CeremoniesMatthew Hyle
Chapter SecretaryClay Odom
Chapter TreasurerBilly Armsdorff

Ronotohatchi Chapter

Chapter ChiefMicah Holston
Chapter AdviserJohn Kominsky

Tussahaw Chapter

Chapter ChiefHayden Carpenter
Chapter AdviserRonnie Morton
Chapter Vice Chief of AdministrationEthan Coker
Chapter Vice Chief of CeremoniesEvan Barker
Chapter SecretaryIan Carpenter