Section Officers

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Ini-To Lodge is currently a member of Southern Region Section 9.

Ini-To Lodge has been well represented over the years by youth Arrowmen serving at the national and section level.

Ini-To Lodge has been in the spotlight at the national level the last two years. In 2016, Patrick Mapp served as the NEXT Conference Vice Chief for Experience. This marked the first time the lodge has had a national event vice chief. In 2017, Patrick Mapp served as the Jamboree Vice Chief for the OA Service Corps.

Three youth from Ini-To Lodge have represented Section SR-9 as officers during the last few years. Austin Clark is the present-day SR-9 Section Vice Chief. Patrick Mapp and Clayton Carte served in multiple offices, often together, from 2013 to 2017.

The table shows the complete history of Ini-To Lodge section officers. The year listed is the conclusion of their term.

1659Tommy BrisendineArea 6-D Chief
1964Chuck BrooksArea 6-D Chief
1969Bill JonesArea 6-D Chief
1970Bill JonesArea 6-D Secretary
1971Steve HowardArea 6-D Chief
1972Randy PilandArea 6-D Chief
1976Ed HayesSection SE-5 Secretary
1977Ed HayesSection SE-5 Chief
1979Ken LylesSection SE-5 Secretary
1995Jonathan JonesSection SR-8 Vice Chief
2014Patrick MappSection SR-9 Secretary
2015Patrick MappSection SR-9 Vice Chief*
2015Patrick MappSection SR-9 Chief**
2015Clayton CarteSection SR-9 Vice Chief**
2016Patrick MappSection SR-9 Chief
2017Patrick MappSection SR-9 Chief
2017Clayton CarteSection SR-9 Secretary
2018Austin ClarkSection SR-9 Vice Chief

*elected to higher office midterm and resigned
**elected midterm to position