Heartland Gathering Program Update


With the Heartland Gathering in less than three weeks, there are a few important reminders to help everyone be informed.

1) Everyone will be sleeping in personal tents. Camp Lumpkin will not be providing tents for all attendees. With that being said, we will be using a trailer to help transport all of our gear to our campsite. This will be a white and blue trailer with “Troop 162, Hampton, GA” on both sides.┬áMore details will follow as to the trailer location for gear transport.

2) We need volunteers to help set-up and run the Tailypo booth. Tailypo is a fellowship type event, on Saturday night occurring from 9:30-10:00 pm, where all lodges showcase a fun event. If you are interested in volunteering, please let Corey McCarthy know for more information.

3) Rad Wyrick is heading up the Quest Events for Ini-To Lodge. Quest Events are the athletic activities that all lodges participate in. This year, lodges can participate in tug-o-war, dodgeball, Wischixin, and ultimate frisbee. Everyone is invited to join in on these events; however, there are a limited number of spots depending on the activity.

4) Include some spending money if you would like to purchase any extra memorabilia during the weekend. The section will have limited amounts available of this year’s items, and the lodge will be selling our delegate patch.

5) As always, please remember the ten essentials, rain gear will be a must. Here is a helpful link if you are unfamiliar to the 10 essentials: http://boyslife.org/outdoors/outdoorarticles/6976/scout-outdoor-essentials-checklist/

6) Please remember that you will be representing Ini-To Lodge and Flint River Council, so look your best. Bring your field uniform, and you will receive the lodge event t-shirt onsite for wear on Saturday.

7) Make sure you take advantage of every activity and opportunity available at Heartland Gathering! Training, Ceremonies, Quest Events, patch trading (make sure you only bring items you are willing to trade!), the new OA High Adventure Village, drumming, and dancing are just a few of the many programs available. There is an activity for everyone.

Finally, thank you to every Arrowman who can attend this event. It speaks volumes that we are bringing over eighty people! I look forward to seeing everyone on April 21.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Austin Clark
Ini-To Lodge Chief

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