Heartland Gathering 2017


Section SR-9 invites YOU to the inaugural Heartland Gathering on April 21-23, 2017 at Camp Lumpkin in LaGrange, Georgia.

What is the Heartland Gathering?

The Heartland Gathering is the largest local OA event of the year with over 1,000 OA brothers in attendance from Alabama and Georgia. During the weekend event, there is a wide range of activities available, including but not limited to: patch trading and patch auctions, exciting shows, contests and giveaways, training classes, athletic competitions between lodges, ceremony evaluations for every ceremony, dance and drum pow-wow’s, and the Saturday night “Tailypo” which is essentially a gigantic cracker barrel.

The event is so large that we, as a lodge, will make a special T-shirt and patch just for this event. Each lodge member who attends will receive one of each as part of their registration fee.

Why the Heartland Gathering?

The Order of the Arrow is divided into 48 sections nationwide for inter-lodge fellowship on the local level. Ini-To Lodge is part of Section SR-9, which covers 11 lodges within Alabama and Georgia. The eleven lodges comprise the geographic and economic center of the Southern Region, better known as the Southern Heartland. The Heartland Gathering brings together the Arrowmen who call this area home for one unforgettable weekend each year.

How do I attend?

The registration cost for Ini-To Lodge members is $45 and includes the section event fee with an event patch, one lodge event T-shirt, and one lodge patch. We understand this is more expensive than our other events, but attendance is well worth it. Your $45 is split two ways to pay for the event. $33 is sent to the section to pay for the event program, housing, and food; while the remaining $12 is spent by the lodge to cover items such as your T-shirt and lodge patch. The registration deadline is March 19, 2017.

Gathering Registration

What if I want extra section or lodge patches?

There is a wide variety of memorabilia available for this event, including several patches, hats, and luggage tags. In order to guarantee you receive the items you want, you MUST pre-order them by February 5, 2017. The section trading post will have very small quantities available on-site at the event.

New for 2017, the lodge patch is included in this pre-order. One is included as part of your event fee, but you may order as many extra as you would like.

Order Memorabilia

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