Event Registration Open


All event registrations for 2017 are now open! Registration is available on the calendar page.

Do not forget to pay your lodge dues for only $15. Your payment of lodge dues each year allows you to attend OA functions, wear the OA flap proudly on your uniform, and helps to fund lodge program for the year.

Lodge Dues 2018

The 2017 Lodge Event Pass was sold for only $75! This pass covers the cost of the ordeals, fellowships, and winter banquet for the year. The pass may only be purchased prior to the first event included, Spring Ordeal, in March.

The 2017 Lodge Event Pass is no longer available. Purchase one for 2018 when they go on sale.

Please be aware the pass does not cover lodge dues, Klondike Derby, Indian Winter, or Heartland Gathering. You must pre-register before each lodge event for food and planning purposes, but you will not owe an event fee.

Lodge Pass 2018

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