Congratulations to all of the newly called out brothers to the lodge. Your next steps will be detailed in the letter received at the call out ceremony.

As we move forward, our next lodge event is Spring Ordeal on March 8-10, where we will be renovating the Council Ring at Thunder among other things, please consider coming, we’ll need a lot of manpower for a huge success. The registration is here.

The SR9 Conclave will be held April 5th – 7th at the Black Creek Scout Reservation. Conclave is the annual section-wide gathering and is a time for fellowship and competitions. This years conclave will look back on the decade of SR9. Registation can be found here.

The 2019 Lodge Event Pass is now available for purchase here. This  registers you for Ordeals, Fellowships, and Banquet for 2019 at a small discount.

Be sure to pay your 2019 dues in order to stay active in the lodge.